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Fellow Keyword Hunters,
You want to get your websites ranked up in Google but it is getting more and more difficult, or is it?

It seems that if you are targeting the wrong keywords then you are never going to reach Google’s top pages and you will always remain dangling down at the bottom. It took me quite a while to realise this.

Creating websites is only half the battle, but they are useless if you can not get any visitors to the site. Doing this manually for each website becomes a real pain and is made even more problematic when you have multiple sites and if you have over 10 websites then it really becomes a chore.

Wasting time and effort doing manual research drives you up the wall with sheer frustration and to make matters worse you then find the competition is so high that you have no chance for ever ranking for that site.

  • It Is A Slow Process To Check Competition For Keywords By Hand
  • The Hardest Factor To Check Is The Competition Threat Level
  • You Have To Manually Sift Through Tons Of Data
  • Valuable Time Is Wasted Combing Through Facts And Figures

 Sound familiar ?

Competition Free Keywords (CFKeywords) was designed to alleviate this heartache. It is not a push button, get rich quick scheme, but rather a tool that adds to your suite of programs that help you achieve success online.

CFKeywords primary task is to sift out keywords that have little or no competition and eliminate all the ones that will take you ages to rank for. It is a simple to use, intuitive program that will Uncover Hidden Keywords and reveal Exact Match Domains and does all this in a clean and friendly interface.

Setting up sites and receiving no visitors is no fun at all. Even worse than that is doing all that hard work and getting no money at the end to show for it. Getting intensely frustrated at the lack of results and just wanting to give up. Of course when starting out this was just a little hobby but as time wore on manually plodding through was getting disheartening at not even making a cent, let alone a dime!

Getting really annoyed at how slow things were going and frustrated at the lack of results. Then one day a program stumbled across our desk that changed everything. Being able to input a set of keywords and have it return whether or not there was competition and what level was brilliant. Being able to create a website that was laser targeted to that specific keyword and watch the visitors flood in was an exciting moment.

That first pay-check being added to your bank account is an utter relief. Finally it all feels worth it. Unfortunately though the program was cumbersome to set-up and if you did not understand web servers was complicated to use. Being a programmer at heart I wondered if I could take the principle ideas behind the other program and not improve it as such, but make it more automated.

Make it work for me, instead of me working for it. This was how Competition Free Keywords was born. Out of complications and frustrations rises a Keyword Phoenix to take on the challenge.

Now having multiple websites that make $10 a month from AdSense, without ever having to touch them again, has become easier. Using CFKeywords to you locate the right keywords, set-up a simple WordPress site and after doing some minimal back-linking and adding Google AdSense, you move on to the next site.

The relief at having a residual income is great. OK, so it is not going to “break the bank” and I am not promising you riches beyond belief and this is definitely not a push button get rich scheme. However, $10 a month from one site is a great achievement in my book. Imagine if you had 100 of these up and running.

What Does Competition Free Keywords Actually Do ?

When you purchase Competition Free Keywords you will no longer have to miss out on finding Exact Match Domains, you too will be able to uncover Hidden Keywords and you will instantly know if there is any competition for that keyword. All this and more designed in an intuitive interface that guides you through the entire process.

So if you are sick of doing things manually, or keep missing out on Exact Match Domains, or just would like a little extra money in your pocket each month then Competition Free Keywords is the program you need. Not taking action will lead to greater frustration.

 Testimonials of Satisfied Users

“Great little keyword and domain research tool. Love the way it updates automatically too….”


Allen Jesson

“I had the PRIVELEDGE to test the CFK software.  Keyword research is probably the most important aspect of online success.  The CFK software virtually insures success in finding keywords that one can easily rank for and generate income.  I think this software is a no brainer when it comes to online marketing and ultimate success.”


Rick Levine

I was given the fortunate opportunity to review this WSO application.  My reviews are usually fairly lengthy, but in this case a bit less will be plenty. Competition Free Keywords is a desktop app that does not eat up a lot of resources. Basically all you do is feed it your list of keywords (one hundred maximum per run) and it goes on is merry way in the background determining the competition level of each keyword. Red: Your dead YELLOW: Could be tough going fellow Green: Lean Green CFK even indicates the commercial strength of each keyword on a scale of 1 – 10. The higher the number, the better. The results can then be exported to an excel list. Now with another click, CFK checks to see if exact match domain names for the three top TDLs are available for your chosen keywords. If so, with another click you are whisked away to buy the domains at one of the better priced domain registrars. I picked up a half dozen domains based on the surprising results CFK delivered. Rinse and repeat.  What I found very surprising is that some of the lower numbered monthly keyword search results had a lot more competition than monthly search results that were sometimes two to three times as large that CFK gave a green light on. This indicates to me that low hanging fruit niches are not just niches with low monthly search results. Maybe this isn’t a revelation to more experienced marketers, but it is to me. Anthoni was always available to listen to input from the reviewers. And he made certain changes per some suggestions given, which delivers an even better experience to the user. I am very pleased with this application. I highly recommend it.

Robert Blake

“This Amazing software made my keyword research very easy and saved me lot of time. I  found golden keywords with this software with very low competition and ranked very fastly. Thanks a lot for saving my time and money.”


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